Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why This Horrible Winter can be Good for Your Job Hunt

I'm cold. And I'm tired of being cold. If you're graduating this spring, that may be good news for you as you look for your first Real Job.

Retail markets hire depending on need--and the need hasn't been there for the past few years. Just as the cycle started an uptick--Wham! Mother Nature dumped on us.

That means retail sectors--selling clothes, lawnmowers, tchotchkes (Yiddish: fripperies and decoratives) are going to be hiring.

No, I am not suggesting that all your new degree entitles you to do is stand in the aisles of department stores ambushing people with allergies and spritzing them with perfume. But it is a start, and would put you on the inside track to Bigger and Better as you start paying your own bills.

PS: Please don't ever approach me with perfume samples! I hold my nose and run through the stinky parts of department stores.

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