Saturday, March 8, 2014

No Stuffing Envelopes; Work from Home

Remember last century, when there were lots of scams about how you could make $10K per month working from home by stuffing envelopes? There are probably internet equivalents out there.

This isn't one of them.

Instead, MakeUseOf (a great resource, by the way, for all the stuff you wanted to know how to to, and some you didn't know you wanted to know) has collected this series of online hubs for freelancers, and tips about how to establish yourself.

You aren't going to make a bunch of money at it. Even if you hustle and show 24/7 motivation, you're not likely to make more than a modest income if you try to do this fulltime. But you might be able to:
  • Pay off a few bills, or at least earn serious pizza money if you don't yet have a Real Job
  • Supplement your income for goals like vacations, holiday gifting
  • Develop some working skills, possibly even viable references for fulltime applications

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