Saturday, March 29, 2014

More than a One-Trick Pony

Whether you hate Gen Ed at NU (the lineup of general education courses that everyone must take at Niagara University), or love it, or perhaps feel "meh" about it, it's there for a reason.

Niagara remains a "liberal arts" university. That means when you graduate, you're not a One-Trick Pony with a specific set of job skills, but not much else going on between the ears. Yes, the Pony may get a first job a little faster than you do. But 15 years down the road (and 20, 30 years too), you'll be far better prepared for changes in the work world if you are not a Pony.

If you have room on your curriculum card (that is, if you're not a double major and triple minor), here's a great article on some of the other courses you should consider taking:

Accounting, business, computing. Know something about the business world! I would add: a foreign language.

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