Monday, March 17, 2014

Don't Shoot! Bullet Points and You

Bullet points and your cover letter: should you dare? According to this article, it’s okay to make limited use of bullets in your letter:

Bullets are dingbats—a typography technical term, meaning a bit of type that is neither letter nor number. Bullets visually set off lists of elements, including the kinds of lists you are more likely to reach for as you compose your resume. Business writing tends to work better in short, bite-sized bits rather than the “wall o’ text” style you’ve been working with in essays about literature.

And here is another article with information on how to develop a tightly-structured bullet-point list, including concerns such as
  • parallel grammatical structure,
  • visual page composition, and
  • length of bulleted text items.

Yup, that was a bulleted list!

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