Monday, February 3, 2014

Great Role Model for YOUR Online Presence

Here's a multi-purpose recommendation for a site to visit:, Communication & Careers, the landing page, blog portal, and networking website of Mr. A. J. Springer.

He earned his BA in Journalism & Media Studies in 2006, and his MA in the same field, 2011. In other words, he looks a lot like most of our undergraduate English majors now, advanced a few years into the future.

His blog has some good career-strategy, job-hunting suggestions; for instance, there’s this item:

But I think the whole website is a terrific example of what you can do to set up a professional presence online. He's posted a resume, with LinkedIn and email contacts; there's a portfolio of (downloadable) writing samples; the design and layout are clean and inviting. You've heard me suggest a "landing page" as one among many strategies for your online presence; this is definitely one way to do it with flair and panache.

In fact, I stumbled on the site when a friend suggested one of his blog posts for my own blog--and she found his materials through a Facebook cross-post! Networking works!!

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