Thursday, February 6, 2014

Challenge; earn money, internship

I received the following email about a "challenge" offering $150 prize for undergraduate students. It looks legit; keep in mind that the organization MindSumo contacted me. I'm neither endorsing nor warning you away.

The specific challenge mentioned here is offered by Yahoo, which decided in 2009 to locate a major facility in Lockport, New York, and is expanding that facility in a second phase initative. (For a brief overview and timeline, type in the search phrase "Yahoo Lockport" at this website:

Yahoo is particularly interested in attracting the attention of college students who may be interested in a customer service internship. I don't believe you would have to participate in the challenge to find out more about internships--then again, you may only be interested in the challenge! Use this information as you see fit.

Here's the email I received:

My name is Keaton Swett, and I'm the President of a college-focused organization called MindSumo. We help college students get jobs and internships by solving real-world projects for employers, and have helped thousands of students get positions at companies like Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, General Mills, John Deere, and other great companies.

We just launched a great new project from Yahoo, specifically targeted at students from western and upstate NY schools like Niagara University.  I was hoping you could forward this opportunity to the students in your department, as it could be a great local career opportunity for them if they're interested!  Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks so much for your help!

All the best,
Keaton Swett
President, MindSumo

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