Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year; New Way to Search for Jobs

Wow; here's a way to apply some "Google-fu" (like Kung-fu; get it?)

Okay, don't blame me for the bad pun. I got it from the first article I recommend you read: Here, you'll find out how to tap into one of the major ATS, applicant tracking systems.

Applicant tracking systems are beloved of company human resource departments because they offer a mechanized way to prune a list of many applicants to a much shorter, manageable list. They are also much loathed by job-searchers because unless you know how to game the system (using the right keywords) you're likely to be screened out even if you a great candidate.

And here is an article with a slightly more nuanced (but also more complicated) discussion of how to make mechanized systems work for you, rather than against you:

Now... have you gotten your summer internship locked in yet for 2014??? If not, I'll bet you can use these tricks to rustle up some good prospects!

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