Monday, December 2, 2013

Finding the One Job With Your Name On It

Here's a great posting with reverse-engineered job-boards!

You know, of course, you should network, network, network. But while networking, you don't ask for a job. Rather, you build relationships, connections, and do good for others. Eventually, "What Goes Around" will eventually "Come Around" back to you.

You know, too, that reading job-boards is a fool's errand. Public job boards get a gazillion eyeballs looking at them (because unemployment is high). For every job posting, there are many applicants. You're looking for a needle in the haystack, with plenty of competition.

Grrrr... so how are you supposed to find The One Job with Your Name On It?

There's hope! The ten online services described in this link use existing information: info about you (LinkedIn, Facebook, your resume), or about employers (internal job boards, a meta-index of job postings). Then, they narrow down the range of information, and do some of the work for you of selecting and winnowing through the ton of data, presenting you with a more useful slice of the options out there.

Consider trying some of the new Big Data alternatives to job boards to help jump-start your search!

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