Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What you don't know can hurt you in the job search

You don't know how to find a job--but college teaches you how to learn. You may have learned English (or math, or civil engineering)--but you have to do the work of equipping yourself with the skills and methods of finding a job. The link above explains what  you'll need to learn.

One thing you'll need these days is a solid LinkedIn profile. Think about your LinkedIn profile as you would think about a handshake. You don't want to leave an interviewer with the impression that you are a sweaty, wet, limp fish, do you? Just so, your LinkedIn profile should have some substance behind it!

And if your LinkedIn profile is your handshake, then your resume is your shoes--are they shined? in good repair? appropriate for the situation (wingtips or pumps, rather than neon pee-yellow sneakers)? Here's a great link suggesting stuff you can put on your resume. No, it's not about "action words" or using keywords from advertisements (although I've written about those elsewhere). Rather, it's got some innovative thoughts on updating your resume for the digital hiring era.

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