Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Network; then Apply on Monday!

Building a network doesn't have to be an esoteric exercise in name-dropping. You don't have to know Bill Gates personally, or know that Henry Louis Gates, Jr.'s nickname is "Skip" (or why).
     Instead, you can talk to your family, friends, people you work with on a community service project. Do an informational interview (no pressure, no commitment on either side--find out about the kind of work you might want to do, but not in a job-interview situation).

Although social media can be a healthy part of your balanced portfolio of networking tools, you also want to get out from behind your computer screen. Have coffee, have lunch, mingle. And don't discount making a connection with someone because they might not "be hiring," or even in a position to hire anyone ever. Networking isn't about zeroing in on people who can do you direct favors.

Finally, the best way to apply for a job is through a network connection... and do it on a Monday! "According to a study by Bright.com, people who apply for a job on a Monday have a 30 percent chance of advancing to the next round, compared with 14 percent of people who apply on Saturdays (the worst day to apply for a job).

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