Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Treat School like a Job

Treat your work in college as if it were your career.

Obviously, there are some big differences--you're paying for college! But don't forget that you are "getting paid" through the experience and learning that will ultimately connect you to a lifetime of higher pay and opportunity.

If you develop regular, productive work habits now, while you're in college, you'll not only make your college years more productive, but you'll avoid the culture shock of dealing with a fulltime job. (What!? You mean I have to get up at 6:30 every weekday morning!???)

Don't forget that regular visits to the Career Counseling Center, extracurricular activities, networking, and some plain fun should be part of your schedule as well! (Gee, did I really need to tell you to have some fun?) In other words, what you learn in the classroom is only part of the total experience of college--just as what you do that directly earns you a paycheck is only a part of the total experience of a career.

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