Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Market yourself like you live in the 21st century

...even if you really adore Jane Austen, Shakespeare and Chaucer!

1. Demonstrate you have the skills employers want:

  • Data Analysis
  • Online Marketing and SEO
  • Computer Languages
  • Problem Solving and Project Management
What's that? As an English major, you have none of the above? Sure you do--you're just used to calling them different names. Here's a hint: as an English major, you've picked up all but one of these skills; it goes with the territory. And there are many resources for the left-out skill, where you can learn at least a smattering to get you conversant with 21st century skills. Read more here: http://blog.simplyhired.com/2013/09/do-you-have-the-skills-hiring-managers-love.html

2. Put those skills to work for your in material that is optimized for search engines (which is what SEO means--"search engine optimization"). That is, if a hiring manager is interested in finding someone like you, will that manager actually find you, or will he/she find your competition for the job? Here's an article on how to set yourself up in a number of places (not just LinkedIn, although that's one important source of leads): http://www.glassdoor.com/blog/bolstering-online-resume-hired/

3. Don't shoot yourself in the foot at your interview: Don't--

  • Make excuses for why you are late, or had your cellphone ringer on, or whatever. Make a checklist for pre-interview stuff, if you need reminders.
  • Chatter like a magpie to offset your nervousness. 
  • Wait until the last minute to do some research and internet-rummaging on the company you hope to work for, so you can speak and ask questions intelligently about the organization with which you are interviewing.

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