Thursday, September 19, 2013

English Majors = Well-Rounded

An English degree is not a "vocational" degree. It won't immediately lead you from your graduation ceremony to your first job. Unless you plan a life in academia, you probably won't find anyone eager to hire you because you're an English major.

That said--you do have the well-rounded perspective, the critical thinking skills, the communication abilities that employers say they want. According to Inside Higher Education, an online journal for college and university communities, "majorities of ... public and business leaders value broadly applicable skills like written communication and problem-solving over specific skills obtained through applied training."

In other words, employers can be persuaded to train you in industry-specific skills--if you have shown some initiative while you are in college. What do you need to do? Stuff I've been saying all along:

  • Do an internship
  • Network and connect, in person and through social media
  • Take leadership roles in campus activities
  • Visit your Career Counseling Center
  • Identify a wedge of businesses or sectors you might want to work within
  • Take a minor or even second major that will broaden your skill base

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