Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Credit Scores and the Job Hunt


Why care about your credit score? You're not looking to borrow money, but to earn money.

When you seek gainful employment, your potential employer can check your credit record. As the above-linked article points out, you will have to sign a release allowing your employer to look at your credit record. But that release may very well be buried in the fine print--you sign a job application once, attesting that everything you said is true... and buried in that block of tiny print, is a line that adds "I hereby permit The Smith Widget company to look at my credit record, social media presence, etc., etc."

The bottom line: If you have a poor credit record, an employer may pass you over for somebody with a better one. Why? Because you might lie, cheat, steal or mess around with important deadlines. At least, that's the logic behind this practice.

How to get a clean credit record?

Here's a good article about starting the process:

A slightly more complex article:

Final caveat: Do not pay for credit scores or credit-clean-up activities. You can and should manage this yourself.

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