Thursday, September 5, 2013

Check out Prospective Employers


Arcadia University fired its president. For no (publicly given) reason.

In the article/interview here -- -- you have a textbook case for how to leave graciously, without rancor, without poisoning your reputation, even if your employer did things you find outrageous.

I do not know the complete story; I'm not commenting pro or con about this particular case. Rather, I have two points.

First: Always consider what you have to lose by making a stink. This outgoing president says he was shocked; it came as a surprise; he knows more than he's willing to discuss publicly. But it's a "he said/she said" situation. His employer has done something it feels justified in doing, and wants to keep secret. If the ex-president spills his guts, he may get satisfaction... but he will never work in academia again.

Second: Check out unsolicited, candid employee comments about a working environment before you take a job. In addition to general googling of the company name, here is one source: And yes, there are a few comments about Niagara University up there. (They are not my comments; I neither endorse nor disavow them.)

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