Friday, August 30, 2013

NU one of the Best of the Northeast

In case you missed it, since Niagara University's website posted it in the middle of August, kind of a dead time for people looking for this sort of stuff:

NU AGAIN AMONG ‘BEST IN THE NORTHEAST’ The Princeton Review has once again placed Niagara University among the best colleges in the Northeast. Niagara is one of 226 institutions The Princeton Review recommends in its “Best in the Northeast” section of its website feature, “2014 Best Colleges: Region by Region,” that posted Aug. 5, 2013, on Niagara joins SUNY Buffalo as the only colleges from the Buffalo-Niagara region to appear on the list. More on the great news at

Why is this relevant to those hitting the pavement in search of a job? Because you can tell employers that you come from one of the best colleges in the western New York area -- heck, in the country -- and make the claim stick with documentation!

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