Monday, April 8, 2013

Toot, Plink and Fiddle for Credit

Niagara University's curriculum needs music. 

Dr. Vince Rinaldo, the Music Man himself, has taken on the challenge, and will be offering a student-designed course with variable credit. That is, you may select the instrument, performance skills and particulars of the genre you wish to play: anything goes, from baroque to jazz to rock. (I don't think air guitar counts, sadly.) 

The course is worth between one and four credits, depending on student choice. Assignments will include a research paper and performance tests. You determine the goals and the level of skill you are comfortable targeting. 

Students are especially welcome to work in small groups to develop a sense of music as language--pair, trio, quartet or small band. Those taking the course are encouraged to participate in musical events across campus, including pit band, pep band, talent nights, and providing entertainment for various functions and ceremonies.

If interested, contact Vince Rinaldo about FAA 151-154 (one to four credits);, phone x8459, office Acad 328.

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