Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Networking is Like Eating Your Vegetables

You know you can't live on ice cream alone (or whatever your favorite junk food might be). Sure, a little in moderation is okay, maybe even good for the soul. 

But you gotta eat those veggies if you want to be healthy. And you gotta network if you want a job. 

Here are three great websites with a mix of motivation and strategies to get out there and get networking.


  • "Decide whether it’s more important to work only within your comfort zone, or to get a new job!"
  • Bonus: why networking is important if you feel like you're sending out thousands of resumes and letters, but nothing is happening.


  • "You can be old school all you want, but the lack of use of social networking tools will leave you irrelevant and unemployed. Why not use every possible means of communication to meet new people?"
  • Bonus: link to a new website, OppsPlace: "the newest place to find more than 20,000 jobs and opportunities at companies that value diversity."


  • "Networking is crucial for career growth and is the stepping stone that can help you reach your dreams and goals." 
  • Bonus: video lesson!

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