Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Interviews, Freewheeling Discussion

Interesting crowd-sourced discussion here: ace a job interview. Many questions from job-seekers; many answers from those who do the hiring or have other claims to authority. Some trolls and wisecracks, some conflicting advice. However, a rich vein of materials for vexing questions like:

  • what kinds of questions should I ask the interviewer
  • how and when to bring up salary, and what to do once it's put on the table as a subject
  • how to answer difficult questions--your greatest weakness, why do you want to work for us
  • how to steer the conversation into subjects that will benefit you
There are also some tangential discussions about resumes and job-hunting generally. 

And it isn't boring reading, nor does it come from a single person whose advice may or may not be right for your personality or the kind of job you're seeking.

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