Monday, January 7, 2013

Want to Volunteer?

So you want to volunteer. Maybe you've graduated from Niagara University, which has a great clearinghouse office for volunteer and service learning opportunities. Maybe you're between jobs and seeking a way to boost your resume and networking quotient. Maybe you have an interest in a specific kind of cause, and want to give back. Maybe you're looking to do something more constructive with your spare time than being a couch potato.

I came across this website in a LinkedIn forum I'm on (Connect: Professional Women's Network, Powered by Citi). 

Just to give it a spin, I tried searching for opportunities in Buffalo (not exactly a huge venue)--187 ops came up, many of them ones I recognize as reputable groups. 165 in Niagara Falls. Obviously, I can't vouch that everyone and everything out there is on this website, but it's a good first stop.

They also let volunteers review the organizations (although some reviewers seem to write about the cause rather than the organization).

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