Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Job Boards: Conflicting Advice

The "job board" is dead! The "job board" is very much alive! Ugh--who to believe?

It is tempting to believe in a magic bullet. Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed... In fact, if you want a list of mega-super-sized online sites listing millions and millions! of high-paying! jobs! for free!, you can surf on over to

Take it all with a grain of salt. As the first article from the Brazen Careerist suggests, there are some serious flaws with job boards. You may not be applying for jobs that are actually open. You are faceless among thousands of applicants who have seen the same job-opening. And the bottom line is that job boards are commercial enterprises--somebody is getting money for hosting the website, be it through advertising or other sources.

Blogging4Jobs seems to suggest the opposite, at least as a trend for 2013.

You can look at niche job boards, specializing in a narrow band of industries and concerns; I've already included some links on this blog to how to find this information. (Type in "job boards" in the search box, upper left corner.) You can also check out the final article from UnderCover Recruiter about how to use job boards effectively.

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