Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Business Cards


Old school technology, sure, but a business card makes you look like you consider yourself a professional. When you pull one out of your pocket at a job fair, or have one at the ready in your wallet when you make an unexpected networking contact, you look well-prepared. Above is a website listing several different resources for business cards. 

Be sure your card has a phone number, email and other contact information that will be "current" for at least the next five years. You would hate to miss out on a news flash from someone who's heard about the perfect job, only to have graduated and moved away from NU, abandoning the email address you've used while you're a student. (Get a Gmail account and a Google voice number--you don't have to pay for either one.)

Here's a good article to get you started on business card etiquette: 

Be aware, though, that different countries may play by different rules. For example, I don't know from direct experience how complete the information is at this link about Japanese business card use (http://www.linguist.com/services-japanese-card.htm), but I can see that there are nuances I would need to know!

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