Monday, January 28, 2013

Big fish, little pond

Here's a thought--you can never be "the best" at any given employable skill. There is always someone with more experience, higher-octane beans, better references.

However, you can still be the best person for a job--if you look for multiple skills, attitudes and aptitudes you bring to the table. There are exponentially fewer people with the exact range of abilities you have.

With a stinky economy, any employer worth its salt (any organization still afloat these days, and hiring) will be looking to maximize the benefit from each hire. Someone with multiple skills--in addition to the one target area in the job description--could bring added value for the money.

The trick is doing enough research to figure out what added value you bring to the table. Maybe you're applying for a job as a writer--can you bring your hobby in photography into play? If you're interested in a job as an events planner--can you also design brochures to promote your company's services? If you're headed into sales--would you be interested in training others to achieve the same kinds of success you have achieved?

The more skills you bring to the table, the bigger the fish you seem in the eyes of prospective employers, and the smaller the pond you're swimming in.

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