Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa is my Co-Pilot: Holiday Networking

It's holiday party season! Time to drown your sorrows over the crappy job market... or not. Here's some advice on using holiday parties to which you may be invited as networking events.

You may not (yet) be in this position--dreading a "networking event" because you've been invited as one of the Important Poobahs that other people are going to seek out for advice, connections, favors. But you can take a leaf from this classy lady's book. Go to networking events, and be generous. Don't ask what others can do for you; instead, ask ways you can offer others insight, connection, praise.

When you get a business card... what do you do with it? Shove it in a pocket, and realize that you've misplaced it only after you've fished out the balled up piece of lint that has gone through both washer and dryer? Here are some alternatives.

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