Friday, September 14, 2012

Virtual Virtuosity: Social Media and Networking

"Your Resume is Great! So, Now What?"--the answer isn't "so call me, maybe." Below are some ways to use social media to increase the range and scope of your networking efforts.

"5 Ways to Effectively Use Twitter to Land Your Next Job"--despite the split infinitive, a solid rundown of ways that Twitter can be use for more than just "ego-casting"--what I had for breakfast this morning, and what the weather is doing where I am.

"Make Your Virtual You a Viable Candidate"--if you are a internet-social person, here's how to make it work for you (in ways that don't involve Farmville).

"5 Reasons Your Online Profile is More Valuable Than Your Resume"--how to put LinkedIn to work for you.

"How to Craft a Compelling LinkedIn Profile"--simple tweaks that can help you stand out.

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