Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Resume: Send in the Piranhas


Send in the piranhas. 

You have a resume. Is it any good? Don't ask your mom or dad; they love you and know you're perfect for any job, including CEO of the Whole World. Because they love you, and love makes you look perfect to them.

Don't ask your best friend; friends are just about as unbiased as parents. Would you tell your best friend he or she has a resume that is even less exciting than watching paint dry on a wall?

Today's link offers a good list of places to seek out an objective, perhaps-slightly-hostile resume reader. 

One more tip I learned in my travels: do not ask typesetter or typist for feedback, especially if he or she isn't a freelancer. Reason: you might sue for "bad advice," because there was a monetary transaction. In other words, you could file an absurd, nuisance lawsuit holding the typist responsible for your lack of a job--even if the comment was simply sympathetic and well-intentioned. nyone working in this kind of job will probably have the legal good sense to keep mouth firmly shut if asked "does it read well?"

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  1. Perfect example!!It's very interesting we should not take the advise of our parents/friends while building the resume!! Resume is the first impression of you!!

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