Wednesday, September 19, 2012

75 Handpicked Sites from Forbes

Very cool compilation here. Forbes is one of the leading business magazines--something that even folks without a business major should know about. The market; who's a billionaire; savings and investment...

This link is a roundup of 75 websites "for your career." That means job boards, advice blogs, and an assortment of goodies.

My favorite (from an incomplete overview)?, in which the "Evil HR Lady" answers questions in an advice column format with snarky panache that's always good for a laugh, and perhaps could offer some insight into the Way Things Work. Here's an example of the kinds of questions she gets--how would you answer this one?!

  • I got into a situation at work — I threw my coworker’s keys out the door, and called her a [bad word]. I am being sent to human resources, and they are investigating a harassment claim. My question is, should I just resign, and would the harassment claim be on my record? Or should I just wait until they fire me?

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