Friday, November 18, 2011

Witty Personal Finance

Here’s one for the long haul: personal finance lessons, in a blog post titled "14 Personal Finance Lessons You Never Learned in School."

What I like about it: three things.

First, it’s stuff I can get behind myself. I’m 56, and have time-tested most of this writer’s recommendations.

Second, it’s by someone young enough that he’s got the right to be giving advice to folks in their 20s. If I said this stuff, I’d just get eye-rolls. Can’t blame you—I would have rolled my eyes too.

Third, it’s witty and worth reading—my favorite of his 14 lessons begins this way: “Don’t Date Girls Who Own Small Dogs they Carry in Handbags.”

Here are the 14 Lessons:

And here’s the author’s self-intro video, worth watching just to see how someone who felt he had no direction pulled it together: Fair warning—he eventually wants to sell you stuff that our great Career Development folks can also supply. But that’s okay—it’s worth checking out.

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