Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Privacy is 'an old people issue'"

I found the subject line quote from LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman interesting; it appears in this article:


On today’s website, you’ll find a discussion with lots of good links to ideas which will help you stand out if and when an employer has enough interest in hiring you to do a Google search for your name.

One of the most interesting links: http://www.visualcv.com/www/indexc.html, which claims it’s a free service allowing you to create a visual CV (curriculum vitae, or in other words a resume). I’ve got to admit, their samples look compelling! I’m not sure how much effort you would need to put in to look like the samples — but I would imagine that making the effort to explore the site and do a mock-up (even if you don’t actually use it) will help you think about ways to articulate your skills and abilities.

Note that while the first link, Blue Sky Resumes, has some solid free tips and ideas, it does eventually want to sell you something. However, our Career Development center c
an give you anything Blue Sky can offer and more—remember, NU’s Career Development center has a serious stake in helping you find a job!

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