Monday, November 7, 2011

Pre-Law Workshop

Pre-Law Workshop II  Cracking the Law School Admissions Process -- see the flyer here:

If you’ve ever been even vaguely interested in parlaying your English degree into a law degree, this might be a great opportunity to find out more. Dr. Pete Baxter is both knowledgeable and a terrific speaker—I’m sure that if you come away from this presentation thinking “law is not for me,” you’ll still find yourself enjoying your time.

An English degree would make a terrific complement to credentials as a lawyer! Lawyers work with language all the time. From my experience—they don’t always do it terribly well. I worked for lawyers as a secretary and a paralegal before I became an English professor—and some of them have real struggles getting their thoughts on paper! If you’re good enough with writing and speaking skills to get an English degree, I guarantee that you’d have an advantage over many of the lawyers out there.

So there’s my confession for the day. Consider attending this meeting; where else can you get this kind of sushi-bar sampling of careers than while you’re at college?

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