Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ninja Research Skills!

I have to admit that, while this is a great article — it was this delicious phrase that caught my eye:

“So when you see a job posting, your mission is to use your ninja research skills to find out who will be making the hiring decision, and to get your resume into the hands of that person.”

This article has some excellent material on how stuff works behind the scenes, and why merely firing off letters and resumes into the Great Beyond won’t do you much good. (This strategy might certainly benefit the post office, but it won’t get you a job.)

Fair warning: the site “Blue Sky Resumes” is a commercial website. They offer useful information, but they also want this information to encourage you to trust them enough to give them money for their products. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that — but bear in mind that as Niagara University students, you have access to a terrific Career Development office full of people itching to help you! And Career Development is free to you... or rather, you've already paid for their services with your tuition dollars.

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