Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Suceed in Business

This item caught my eye recently: “Venture For America Wants To Create 100,000 New Jobs By Matching College Grads With Startups.” Read the original article here:


It’s based on the idea of “Teach for America,” which takes recent college grads and places them in underserved communities as teachers—even if they don’t have an education degree.

But “Venture for America” is interested in placing up-and-coming graduates in business positions, not education positions. I know English majors have the skills, the savvy, the chutzpah, to succeed in business. However, they might feel left out of the loop with concepts, official certification, or other intangibles in a very, very competitive job market. So much talent can go to waste! And so many start-up businesses in need!

The idea described in this article is to place very smart people in start-up companies as fellows. That’s something like interns—but pretty durned well paid interns (the website http://ventureforamerica.org/ mentions salaries of $32K to $38K plus the gold standard of a Real Job, health benefits.

I’m neither endorsing the idea nor expressing skepticism; as with any opportunity, do your research and listen to your gut instincts. Start-ups are, of course, less stable than Fortune 500 behemoths. But then again, Steve Jobs (God rest his soul) started Apple in a garage. From my quick read-through of the materials, this concept seems to be based on legitimate ideas and economic principles. Hey! You never know!!

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