Friday, November 4, 2011

How LinkedIn is more than Facebook for Grownups

You may have read about LinkedIn, a social networking site that I’ve mentioned a few times. I’ve been touting it to you as a networking, career-helping destination in cyberspace which you can leverage—not only as you look for your first job, but also throughout your professional life.

Here is a terrific one-stop article that will give you a sense of why, and more importantly what:

An especially nice feature about this article is that it has hot-links which take you directly to LinkedIn when you click them. A handful of examples:

  • ways you can make either visual or written materials available for prospective employers to read—a whole portfolio, free!
  • joining groups that are related to the industry or general area in which you want to work.
  • how to tweak your profile with headline, keywords and other features in order to stand out as a strong candidate for a job.

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