Friday, October 7, 2011

Long answer: "What can I do with this degree?"

Here is a link that gets you a pdf download (can be opened and read with Adobe Reader, or other free software):

The booklet you download here is from the University of Texas at Austin. A few pages are specific to UT Austin—predictably. But I marveled at the breadth of job descriptions listed from pages 5 through 17 — careers English majors can do, and things they actually are doing. There is something for everybody, and then some.

If you’re feeling a little “blah” about the job search, motivated to procrastinate until you’re just about to graduate, you might skim this list! Clearly, some of the professions listed here take a little bit of positioning and preparing — an internship here, a minor there, maybe as little as a handful of courses, or even an enthusiastic interest in a hobby. But a little advance planning could lead you to something you never would have thought about on your own.

Best — Jeanne Laurel

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